Are drones in our lives to stay?

Back in February 2015 I wrote a piece about drones for my colleagues at UL Library. They are used to hearing me droning on so I thought I’d play to type and give them my tuppence worth on these flying machines that were starting to become more visible in Ireland.

At the time I wrote,

Drones seem to have really caught people’s imaginations. It’s not hard to see why. These are flying, unRemote-dronemanned robots with unlimited potential; to help with weather reporting, help locate lost pets, even people, and scout out disaster areas, not to mention scouting around libraries to find empty seats, or vacant PCs. Perhaps next year’s line-up of extra-curricular workshops might include drone flying lessons.  Here is a drone-made video promoting The Wild Atlantic Way  Of course these drones have attracted some negative press because of the potential privacy implications and the threat posed by novices flying these devices near power lines etc. but the positive potential is also worth recognising.

Since I wrote this, there has been new legislation around the use of drones, regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority. Drones are now seen as an interference, a pest, and it is a pity that some people are condemning them for their potential to impinge on people’s security. Like all technologies, drones can be used for good and evil.

So how do you think it will go? Will the drone make itself extinct because of its negative press?


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