Visually presenting management data

Our library collects performance data on a range of activities. We store this in Excel, and share these Excel files on SharePoint, analyzing specific aspects of the data as the need arises.

I thought about ways of visually presenting this data to try and engage people more with MIS and to ensure it is an appealing presentation of critical data. I spoke to a SharePoint developer from the University’s IT Department who is currently upgrading our instance of SharePoint from 2010 to 2016.

SharepoSharePointint 2016 includes a feature called PerformancePoint Services. This will allow us to monitor and analyse business data that we are already collecting. Easy to use and build dashboards are key for us in all of this as we just want to work with our data and not spend weeks agonizing over how to do it.

So we are an early stage of implementation but it looks like a great solution! And just on time for us.

Read more here about PerformancePoint Services. 


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