Where is your selfie stick now?

I write occasional ‘tech’ / app / gadget emails and circulate them to my long suffering work colleagues. I give them a chance to opt out every time that I circulate something and to date, nobody has indicated a desire to be ‘off the list’. So if they are privately deleting these messages to save my blushes, I want to say thank you.

I looked back through some of these emails recently and wondered in awe how in such a short space of time (12-15 months) things had changed so much. If you flick to the bottom of this post you will see that I wrote about Wikiwand, Twitch, and selfie sticks as these were new or emerging things back in Feb 2015.

selfie stick
Image courtesy of My Stock Photos

How many of us bought a selfie stick? How many of these are now gathering dust somewhere in our homes or offices?  Wikiwand has moved to being an app, for reading Wikipedia. Twitch is having to keep a close eye on its rearview mirror as Facebook Live steams up behind it with live game streaming.

I never intended my article to be a predictor of success, more an information exchange and a way to explain important internet developments to colleagues who may not be reading the same information sources as I am. So, for what it is worth I will continue to round up web news, and perhaps post it here so that people can dip in and out as they wish.

My original article from February 2015

Have you ever heard of Wikiwand, Twitch or ‘the selfie stick’ – you may even have received one for Christmas – but each of these has in recent weeks caught my attention for one reason or another.

With Wikipedia as popular as it is with students I immediately tuned in to this story about a ‘new’ version of the online reference* (*discuss) site.
Wikiwand is a big improvement on the ‘old’ Wikipedia interface. It can be used through a browser, installed as an add-on for Chrome, and an app is under development. It searches all the same content as you are used to on Wikipedia – it just presents the results in a slicker more useable format.

I first heard of Twitch on RTE’s Morning Ireland radio programme before Christmas. Twitch has nothing to do with Twitter although with 55 million visits a month at present it is heading for that stratosphere in terms of online traffic. People use Twitch to broadcast a live stream of themselves playing video games online. This isn’t a tool I can see myself using but am already intrigued at how kids will watch other kids playing games and getting as much enjoyment out of this as they would out of playing the game themselves. You may already be aware of Twitch if you have gamers in your house; beware your bandwidth!

And finally for this instalment, with selfies being such a big thing last year, and telescopic extendable poles being whipped out for photo-opps all over the place, you might be interested to know you can get in on the act for €10 or possibly even less on Done Deal as ‘unwanted gifts’ monopods start to appear for sale.


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