UXLibs 3 is coming to Glasgow 2017

UXLibs logo

The UX in Libraries community has a big date for the 2017 calendar, June 6th & 7th, in Glasgow. Having attended UXLibsII in Manchester earlier this summer I can honestly say that this is a hot bed of new ideas, a great place to connect with what we once used to know as ‘Reader Services’ librarians – all of whom really want to learn more about user needs in our libraries. Using the simplest yet most revealinig ethnographic research methods, this community is gaining vast insights in to how people currently use our libraries, some of it is mindblowing.

Following UXLibsII I wrote a summary for my management team at the University of Limerick – sharing it here for anyone that wants to know the high-level of UX practice in our libraries at present . . . this is aimed at an Irish audience and as such gives you some contacts that you know are UX advocates. It provides some useful general tools also:UXLibsII report by Michelle Breen

I recommend you get your toes wet in the world of UX by following Donna Lanclos, Andy Priestner on Twitter and reading the very comprehensive UX book published by the conference organisers with contributions from UX practitioners from Europe and the US.

My library is building a large extension in 2016/17 so I will be following up in the coming adacemic year with some observational work and user journey mapping, really looking forward to it.


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