How to avoid fines at Limerick public libraries

Last month some of our public libraries in Ireland moved their library management systems to the Sierra platform from Innovative Interfaces. The rollout date in fact coincided with the WRSLAI 2016 seminar at which library staff from the West of Ireland congegrate annually to discuss topical issues. Many of our public library colleagues were unable to attend due to the imminent rollout of the new system. The advantages of this integrated platform are set out on the websites of individual libraries, e.g. Waterford cites the ability to avail of more items from partner libraries and Clare advises patrons that they can now reserve and renew books and other items 24/7 using the online service.

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The biggest change for me as a public library user in Limerick is to actually remember to do the renewals and avoid the fines. Although the lending period has been extended to three weeks it is going to be a personal target for the remainder of 2016, to regularly log in to my account and renew items we’ve not yet finished with. I hope that the practice of online or telephone renewal won’t be too much of a hurdle for me, or for regular library users who simply love to read.



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