Collaborating on a piece of work, where do we share and store our files!

That was a question I was faced with last week, and one that I’d like to write about as I know many of you face the same dilemma. When working on something with colleagues in your own workplace, or elsewhere, the challenge is always how will we share files, what method of file naming will we use, what document sharing platform will we use, and if you are working on something for publication, what reference management software will we use? Fortunately, this project is with other librarians who understand the world of information management, the need for consistent file naming, correct versions, and accurate record keeping. Whether it is a short or long term project, with local or remote partners, these challenges keep popping up for us and here are some of the solutions I will be considering: OneNote, Wiggio, Basecamp, Evernote, Slack.

The tools need to integrate with existing workflows and need to be free for most of the core features. I have used Basecamp, Evernote and Wiggio in the past for collaborative projects, the unknowns have potential also though – especially being able to integrate with MS Outlook. As I learn more about these tools, I will make recommendations here.

Source: LinkedIn

Underlying the search for the perfect tech companion in this is the knowledge that the most important thing in any project is a good structure and excellent communication so those things can’t be ‘fixed’ by any tool . . . none that I’ve seen yet anyway.

Wish me luck!


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