Is it worth an all-nighter to watch Clinton & Trump’s TV debate?

Many parents around the country are bound to be awake tonight around 2 or 3am, feeding babies or tending to the night time needs of young children. US Presidential debates will be very far from their thoughts; getting back to bed and having some sleep is the most important thing on their minds.

hilaryFor 100 million people however, tonight’s debate (which will be streamed live on YouTube Facebook and Twitter) marks the real start of the election proper. The candidates have clocked up the miles and the appetites of political enthusiasts have been whetted with the mouth-watering soundbites from almost 2 years of media coverage.

I am looking forward to seeing Hilary Clinton come out and surprise commentators, being human and being a better all rounder than Trump. I hope she can stand her ground against what some anticipate will be Trump’s big reveal i.e. can he ‘behave’ in a Presidential manner.

Real Clear Politics will be worth a look daily for the coming 6  weeks, it’s an aggregator that monitors various poll data. For enthusiasts there’s no season quite like US Presidential Election time. Like the Olympics,  it’s a pity it only comes around once every four years. I stayed up late for one TV event this year; when Thomas Barr competed in the semi final of the 400m hurdles in Rio, I don’t know if I can do it a second time. I will let you know.


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