Getting your creative juices flowing

A good poster is certainly a thing of beauty, and something that catches our eye and our imagination when information is presented clearly in a visual way. Academic and research conferences usually have a poster strand built in and it is a powerful way to engage non-presenters in the conference’s theme. This year’s CONUL conference has a broad theme of ‘Inspiring and Supporting Research’ which allows a wide range of relevant topics to be submitted.

Inspired by the fantastic Laura Connaughton’s talk at the WRSLAI Winter Networking event in December, I will lead a band of merry poster makers on a posters journey in the coming months. Having to get down to brass tacks with novice poster makers has made me consider all the skills that are now required of our library workforce.

Selecting a suitable project that fits with the conference theme forces us to be critically reflective of our everyday work. Setting work deadlines to one side for an afternoon is a liberating way to tackle what will hopefully be a creative and enjoyable experience for us all. Thinking about representative images, deciding on layout, font, title and all of the other elements that make a successful poster are only the first steps. The analog bits. Of course the poster will be created digitally, albeit for a printed final product and this will be another learning opportunity for us as we choose a suitable infographic software and source copyright free but high resolution images.

We want to have an impact with the audience at CONUL, emulating last year’s posters. Perhaps we are setting ourselves an ambitious target but we’re hoping to have a lot of fun along the way.


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