When you don’t have time to read

Who among us could honestly say they’ve got loads and loads of time on their hands at the moment? When I think about the conditions I personally need in order to be able to ‘reaaudiobookd’ I think about a quiet, comfortable space, free from human or technological distraction. Where I’d find places like that right now with 2 young children is just a mystery to me.

What I have, and cherish, every day is a 48km commute to work. It’s in a private car as the public transport simply doesn’t support the route in any sort of efficient way. Up to last month I’d listen to the radio or make a call on the phone . . . Bluetoothed of course. But since I discovered Audible I have been able to start ‘reading’ again.

It started after a Ryan Tubridy book recommendation for the JD Vance book Hillbilly Elegy. Following Ryan’s tip off, I went to Amazon to download the book and discovered an audio version. I signed up for Audible’s trial and have now become a monthly subscriber. I have found a way to keep up with my reading, and another great way to pass some time on the commute to and from work.

If you’re wondering how you can get more books ‘read’ then maybe it’s worth checking out Audible, even if it’s just the trial.


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