Making Every Seat Count; dealing with desk reserving in an academic library

At the QQML Conference in 2017 I presented a paper describing an innovation put in place at the University of Limerick’s Glucksman Library to counter the student practice of reserving library seats by depositing their coats and bags at or on a desk or study chair, before exiting the library to participate in other activities.  This paper describes the impact and effectiveness of an intervention put in place to alleviate the Every Seat Counts 2017space constraints caused by the practice. The data from focus groups and surveys provided an understanding of the problem before and after the intervention.

Michelle Breen talk at QQML 2017 Making every seat count

The desk clearing initiative described in this study was successful in reducing the practice of seat reserving and thus increasing the availability of seats for use.  This research gives library managers practical advice about how to tackle the problem of seat reserving in libraries.

If you would like to know more about how it works please leave a comment below or email me,


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