Help yourself and help someone else to be more secure on the web.

Last month, without being entirely sure what I could do about web security within my own role, I attended a half day workshop with Brian Hickey from the Dublin Business School. Brian is a senior lecturer in IT and I bet he has his students quivering in their boots when he points out all the security flaws he sees around security

Brian covered many aspects of security in his talk, from the ubiquitous internet router to the more advanced topic of mobile security. The simplest of intrusions and the elaborate scams all prey on people’s negligence with their personal data online.

Brian’s practical advice spurred me on to create a short list of MUST DO items that you and anyone you know can and should do without delay to ensure the safety of your data online.

  1. Change the default password on your home router
  2. Encrypt the hard drive on your computer so that you have first line protection from a cyber attack, using something like Bitlocker.
  3. Don’t put an external facing out of office on your work email, would you put a sign up at your house saying you are out of the country for 2 weeks?

Brian’s session was pitched at a general library audience and I certainly came away with a greater awareness and some practical solutions to help me improve my own online security. Everyone, no matter their role, and those with no formal ‘job role’ at all can do a little something immediately to make themselves more secure online.

Thanks Brian! And thanks to the LIR Committee for having Brian speak at UL and at their annual seminar earlier in the year in Dublin. If you want to learn more about cyber security Brian references this excellent TED talk by James Lyne, definitely worth a watch.


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