Rudaí 23 course will help you to create eye-catching content for the web

Over the summer I will be working with good friends and colleagues in the Western Regional Section of the LAI to fine tune our free online learning course for 2017/18. It’s called Rudaí23 and we are very excited to be running it for a second time.

Rudaí23 is an adaptation of the more widely known ’23 Things’ which is an online CPD course that teaches people new digital skills. 23 Things began in the United States in 2006 and it has been adapted and delivered in many countries since, and once before by the WRSLAI, in 2015.  We took a themed approach when devising the content for this course. Along with the inspiring Niamh O’Donovan, I will be leading the Visual Communicator piece. We have superb guest contributors like Sinéad Keogh from UL Library, an innovator in digital learning, and others who are lending us some of their expertise by writing modules and setting tasks for our course.

Rudai 23poster 2017Our Rudaí23 course is completely free, and we are awarding digital open badges to people who complete some or all of the areas, which along with Visual Communicator, include Critical Thinker, Engaged Professional and Online Networker.

More than half of the world’s population are ‘visual learners’. This means that you can get your message across to these people more effectively by using some type of ‘visual’ in your blog post, web page, poster or social media post. Evidence from social media platforms tells us that posts with visual or multimedia content engage more users than ‘plain old text’ so the modules in this section of Rudaí 23 are designed to give people the skills to be a competent visual communicator.


We are thrilled to be delivering the course a second time and look forward to learning side by side with all of you that register on August 28th 2017. Good luck with the modules and be assured of our commitment to helping you if you encounter bumps along the way.

Follow Rudaí23 on Twitter for updates and breaking news on the content that we will cover in the course.


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