Podcasts; still a receiver, not a giver

I have finished the course, now reflecting on the final section, Engaged Professional.

Proud to have ‘ALAI’

Last month I was elected to the register of Associate members of the Library Association of Ireland. This was an important professional goal of mine, and involved looking back at the ways that I engaged with the profession over the past decade or so.

I have just completed a report for the Research Award I won in 2016 from CONUL Training and Development, with my RCSI colleague Johanna Archbold. This was a look at the ways an organisation representing libraries can have its voice heard nationally and internationally. Advocacy was a major theme in the research and within the interviews we conducted for the project. Our final report will be published on the CONUL website and Johanna and I will present our findings at the CONUL Conference in May 2018. One of the interesting things we learned about during our project was that SCONUL is producing an Advocacy Toolkit, can’t wait to get my hands on that when it comes out.

The Rudaí23 post on Advocacy and Engagement says “library professionals must never lose sight of the library’s fundamental role in society”. When we are carrying out a reference interview, teaching information literacy or presenting the services of our library to an online audience, we are playing an advocacy role so it’s important that we all do a little bit more of this every day.


I am an avid podcast consumer, best one so far this year was ‘West Cork’ a free series telling the story of the mysterious death of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in 1996. I am subscribed to many podcasts, Irish ones, international ones historical, documentary, interview style, all very good but I just don’t have the content myself at present to consider setting one up. I admire those that do them like Laura Rooney Ferris with Librarian’s Aloud and UL’s Research Office who launched a new podcast series recently but, no, not for me at present. I will keep listening though.


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