About Michelle Breen

I have worked as a Librarian for over 15 years in both the private and public sectors. My favourite thing to do is try new tech gadgets, and find like minded people with whom I can talk endlessly about them. I am a UX practitioner, using ethnographhic methods to learn how people use our library. I also give workshops on the use of communication and collaboration tools in the workplace, including social networking platforms.
I like to read for research and occasionally write and share my thoughts on various things. All of what you read here is opinion, not in any way reflecting the views of my employer or affiliated organisations.

In my role as Librarian, Administration at the University of Limerick I manage the library’s social and digital communications channels, conduct a range of assessment activities and perform research linked to customer service and quality initiatives. I am also responsible for the library’s liaison with university alumni and corporate members.

I have presented widely on information management and assessment topics and have had work published in conference proceedings, LIS practitioner literature and in a peer reviewed LIS journal, PORTAL; Libraries and the academy.

In addition to being a full time staff member in the Glucksman Library,  I am mum to two young boys whose schedules keep me very busy after office hours. Professionally, I am actively involved in the Library Association of Ireland’s Western Section and I sit on the University of Limerick’s Governing Authority and am a member of a campus committee called the UL Social Media Community.